Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Positive vibes South Africa

With all the negative sentiment in the press these day about South Africa (mostly in South Africa, mind you) it's great to see a campaign initiative such as the one being run by the Core Group (distributors of Apple products in SA) - The campaign is called A to Z of ZA and aims at promoting what people love about South Africa.

Basically you can submit a number of different types of digital media through facebook and other platforms as entries - the best of which stand a chance of winning an iPod nano or Macbook. For more details check out A to Z of ZA's website - takes irritatingly long to load up but worth the wait!

With the FIFA 2010 world cup around the corner in SA, the buzz is certainly in the air at the moment. Hopefully SA can contain some of the negative publicity surrounding the service delivery strikes, Eugene's murder and of course the infamous Julius Malema.