Monday, March 22, 2010

Rocking March

So I've basically neglected a lot of my music since I started working abroad - there's just been no time to focus on anything else to be honest. I barely have enough time to makes cartoons any more, let alone whip out the bass guitar and strum some tunes.

In any case, I've been approached by some colleagues that a putting together a makeshift band in London (Canada, not the UK!) - they need a bass guitarist and invited me to join. Really looking forward to it actually - hopefully I haven't lost too much of my touch since I left South Africa!

Otherwise things are going well - just been too absorbed with my development work to have time for the extracurricular. Heading to New York most likely in June so you guys out there better have my pad ready!

It's Sharpeville day back in SA so have taken a day off here in Canada as well - I lost a close cousin on the day so probably closer to it than most.