Friday, December 5, 2008

Future of education in South Africa

Created a comic for the Wonkie cartoon blog for today after a short break from the cartooning over the last week. Given my background the topic is very close to my heart - education. In fact, it's on what I see as the failure of outcome based education in South Africa.

At first I thought it's because I grew up under and experienced the harsher traditional system that I feel the current system is to weak. Then reality set in when I was going through the graduate hiring process at my previous job. I won't go into the depth of the commentary here as I've covered in much detail on Wonkie.. but suffice it to say that school should replicate the real world environment as much as possible. Comparing relative to yourself is great if you want to be the Buddha, but if you need to survive in the real world and bring food to the table - OBE is just not going to cut it.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Hola todo! Just a quick update in case you've all decided I've gone AWOL.. had a short break with the family and spent some much needed time with the kids.. great fun and a well deserved break - at least I think so!

Also caught up with Jo in India today - awful what happened there over the last week. Glad he's ok. The terrorism thing has gone a bit bananas over the last few years. Islam certainly isn't winning any brownie points with the rest of the world. Conspiracy theories are aplenty about how the US is trying to bring Islam in disrepute by carrying out attacks naming them as the perpetrators.. now there's an interesting thought.